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How to massage gas out of dogs in effective ways? These techniques will surely help you to keep dog relaxed and stress free!

Gas is a common health issue faced by many of us, but sometimes, it can be an indication of a serious health issue that needs to be addressed promptly. The poor souls; dogs, suffer from it quite often and sadly if the problem is not timely rectified, it can take the form of a dire situation.

Occasionally, dogs might have some health problems, but most of the time it is merely gas which, if not passed, may aggravate the situation. You may have to massage the dog for helping it to get rid of it but, you need to be aware of its pros and cons, so let’s discuss this procedure, its appropriate ways, and applications.

What Causes Gas?

The reasons could be numerous but usually, fermentation of bacteria paves way for this accumulation of gas. Gas can also be developed by dogs when they swallow a lot of air, the frequency of this is far more than other reasons and sadly, it is a very common problem in dogs that puts them in extreme discomfort and irritability.

How to Massage Gas Out of Dog?

When it is generated by bacterial fermentation, it is mostly caused by a variation in food that does not support their stomach. It can be a result of consuming gas-causing foods that include milk, peas, soybeans, beans, and many others. Since they are hard to digest, they form voids of gas in the dog’s stomach.

Since the consumption of too much air leads to this problem, we need to comprehend and figure out the situations paving the way to this. Mostly, dogs tend to eat too fast, which could be a result of inadequate training, or sometimes, the dog jumps into a competition of eating faster than its peers.

On other occasions, the owner gives his dog a good run and then forces him into quick eating, putting so much strain on the poor soul. To ease this, slow dog feeders are a handy choice as they assist in normalizing the breathing pattern allowing a wise opportunity of eating and digesting food in the manner that supports the well being of dogs.

How Soreness Affects?

At times, a dog may indulge in a physical activity which amounts much more than the regular one, causing him soreness. It is usually observed in older dogs as well that when the owners take them to long walks or force them to take up a lot of activities on weekends, in an attempt to amuse little kids, the dogs undergo soreness; facing unbearable body aches.

They might not be as cheerful as you expect them to be on a normal day, their mood swings could be upsetting for you and your children. Hence, when you observe your dog limping or lying for long hours, you need to see if your dog is overworked; as it might be in need of special care and rest. Sometimes, the poor being might tend to clench due to that intolerable suffering; be preemptive, give a wonderfully relaxing massage to it. Do it with the warmth of your love and be ready to get amazed by its remarkable results.

Anxiety Kills!

Anxiety is the main contributor to many physical and mental impairments that may cause changes in mental and behavioral outlooks.  Anxiety makes the dog suffer both physically and mentally. When a dog is anxious, its system gets totally blocked up. They are more probable to be a victim of constipation.

How can this situation be managed? You may tackle anxiety by giving a massage to your dog. In large portions, do it quite soothingly. It is advisable to massage their back and then slowly increase pressure, provided that the dog responds favorably. You may move your hands over the spinal cord, then down the sides avoiding to touch their belly. If you unwantedly touch their belly, it can be annoying and irritating. Hence, please avoid it!

Bloating- Take It Seriously For Gas and Stress Relieve!

Bloating is unimaginably painful in dogs; quite difficult to handle and fight back. The massage definitely proves beneficial in bloating but; with a dash of love. Should it be an indifferent massage? No, not at all! Caressing, patting, stroking your dog during massage may help in alleviating bloating in dogs in no time. Do take charge of the situation before it gets too late.

How To Massage Gas Out Of Dog Effective Ways?

Since some dogs are unable to pass gas on their own which leads to accumulation of gas, massaging the targeted parts of the dog will relieve the trouble-causing gas, decreasing discomfort substantially but it is equally significant to consult a vet if the situation persists.

Certain ways are in place about handling and massaging a dog tactfully; we have to consider the problem area and treat it with care. If the targeted area is mishandled, the dog might get offended. Applying too much pressure unnecessarily may also unsettle our dog. Since the purpose of massage is to get rid of gas therefore, please remember that the gas may be painful, and putting unnecessary strain on a delicate part may put the dog in increased discomfort.

Some experts advise to move flat palms over the dog’s body, rhythmically and gently, they say, it could be the best possible method. All you need to do is, distinguish between hard and soft areas to manage your hand pressure. Hands are a medium to transfer your loving thoughts to your dog. Pay heed to all parts of their body; for large sections, simply rub so that the pressure is released but squeezing could prove more useful for small sections.

The vets advise to treat both large and small sections patiently and skillfully so that you get your desired outcome. Not all areas can be treated or massaged alike, bony parts may be massaged with little more pressure but soft, delicate ones might not bear the same pressure. This understanding of the dog’s body will also strengthen the bond of love and mutual respect between the pet and the owner. The dog will stay healthier and happier. Sounds great, isn’t it?

How to Massage Gas Out of Dog

If the dog does not enjoy massaging, it will not keep calm, therefore; a good pat on the back would prove beneficial as it conveys your warm thoughts to the dog. You should be able to transmit positive energy into your dog by treating it respectfully and affectionately so that it relates the massage to something quite desirable and sought after.

Where To Massage The Dog and Why?

You need to massage the area where gas has accumulated. The problem could not be as simple as gathering of gas at just one point, it could be stuck in the whole system. Anxiety could be the main contributor that would prevent your dog from feeling light, relaxed, and happy. Just be mindful of the right pressure on the right spot. Your dog will love it!

How to Massage Gas Out of Dog?

Gently Pushing Gas

Unluckily, if the reason for gas is unknown or you want to avoid an appointment with a vet, it is recommended that you massage its sides and stomach. If you fail to provide quick relief, your dog might get into a worse and more critical condition.

The Reasons For Dog Bloat

Bloating in dogs could be directly linked with too much fluid consumption, piled up gas, frustration, mounting stress or anxiety, lack of physical activity, or eating at a fast pace.

As discussed earlier, how to massage gas out of  a dog and bloating both can have a direct link with eating or drinking too fast, allowing a large amount of air into the body. The owner should never force the animal to eat too quickly.

Similarly, he should allow some time after a long run or walk before offering some food to the tired dog. Not chewing the food properly also puts extra strain on the stomach for digestion. Ample time must be allocated for eating food before planning any other activity such as making your dog chase a ball or indulge in playful activities with your children in the evening or entertaining the weekend guests with playful feats.

A bloated dog experiences a stomach that expands too much, putting a lot of strain on other body organs as well, especially the lungs that get adversely affected, making breathing extremely difficult for the poor soul.

Another grave impact of bloating could be tearing of stomach walls resulting in stomach pain which, if not addressed wisely and timely, could aggravate the issue manifold. In worse cases, the blood flow gets restricted, barely reaching the lining of the stomach and heart, thus taking the form of a very serious health concern.

In conclusion, gas in a dog’s stomach could be an extremely problematic phenomenon that calls for urgent actions. It is solely an owner’s responsibility to display an affectionate and caring behavior towards the dog he possesses since the innocent creature absolutely depends upon him for food, shelter, and medical help.

Considering the gravity of the situation, he might have to sometimes call a vet if the problem does not get resolved with massaging.

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