10 Essential Grooming Tools Every Dog Owner Should Have

Taking your dog to a professional groomer is effective, but can get costly. From cutting their nails to trimming, washing, and drying their fur, each service a professional provides adds up quickly.

What if you could groom your dog like a professional without the cost?

Grooming your dog at home can save you around $300 to $600 per year. Professional dog grooming costs anywhere between $40 to $100, depending on the size of your dog and your dog’s coat.

Groom Like a Pro: 10 Essential Tools Every Dog Owner Needs in Their Arsenal

10 Essential Grooming Tools Every Dog Owner Should Have

By purchasing the right grooming tools, you can groom your dog like a professional without the cost. The 10 essential grooming tools every dog owner should have are:


To buy the best brush for grooming your dog, consider your dog’s size and type of coat they have. 

If your dog has long hair, try a pin brush or a rake brush. For dogs with coarse or curly fur, a pin or rake brush work well too. Pin brushes work well for detangling your dog’s fur. 

Rake brushes are best used for coarse fur that is difficult to brush. These brushes are durable and have thick, metal pins that can brush through thick, coarse fur.

If your dog has medium-length fur, use a slicker brush or pin brush. 

Small slicker brushes are perfect for combing smaller areas, such as your dog’s toes, face legs, and the tops of their paws.

If your dog has short hair, try a rubber brush or even a comb. The rubber bristles are safe and soft on their skin and can also stimulate circulation.

If you have multiple dogs with different coats, try a bristle brush. Bristle brushes are versatile and work well on different coats.


Dog grooming combs are best for short-haired or small dogs. They can also be used on delicate areas like legs, tails, toes, and faces.

Metal combs and de-matting combs are the most useful for dogs with long fur. De-matting combs also work best for dogs with coarse or curly fur.


Some of the best dog grooming scissors are shark fin scissors. The shark fin shape makes to easier to trim hard to reach areas.

De-Shedding Tool

A de-shedding tool can be anything from a wide-tooth comb

To make grooming easier, try a de-shedding tool with a clippers. You’ll be able to comb, detangle, and trim your dog simultaneously.

Nail Clippers

According to a veterinary clinic, it’s important that you clip your dog’s nails every three to four weeks. It’s important to trim your dog’s nails when you see them overgrowing or can hear them click and clacking on hard floors. 

It’s common for pet owners to go without cutting longer than the suggested period. Remember, your dog needs their nails cut every so often, just like we do. Going without cutting your dog’s nails can cause them discomfort, just like it can for us when we go without cutting our toenails for long periods.

When cutting your dog’s nails, look for the bloodline on the bottom of their nails. 

Ensure you don’t cut them too short. Cutting your dog’s nails too short could cause injury and bleeding. You can eliminate any damage by cutting at an angle and trimming. Start small and clip little by little.

Another great tool to use when grooming your dog’s nails is a dog nail grinder. If your dog’s nails only need to be trimmed instead of clipped, try using a grinder to file them down instead.

Dog Dryer

Dog grooming dryers are a great tool to use if your dog has a long, coarse, or curly coat that takes a long time to dry. These grooming tools are great for preventing messes within the home and make bath time easier.


The best dog shampoo you can use is one with natural ingredients derived from the earth. 

If your dog suffered from dry skin, try oatmeal dog shampoo. Oatmeal dog shampoo soothes your dog’s skin and cleanses their coat.

You can also make your own organic dog shampoo at home. According to American Kennel Club, the best natural ingredients to clean your dog’s coat are Aloe Vera, vinegar, nontoxic dish soap, and warm water.

Please don’t use human shampoo on dogs. Our shampoo is too acidic for their fur and could tangle their fur. Also, the toxic chemicals in our shampoo could harm them.

Ear Cleansers

Ear cleansers are perfect to remove build up in your dog’s ears. It’s safer than sticking cotton swabs in your dog’s ear and potentially damaging their ear canal or eardrum. 

Simply soak a cotton ball with your choice of your ear cleanser and wipe out your dog’s ears.

Paw Wax

Paw wax for dogs is the equivalent to lotion for humans. Rubbing a small amount of paw wax on your pup’s paws can reduce cracking, dryness, and provide an extra layer of protection when they walk around. 

Think of paw wax like a heavily moisturizing foot cream, except for dogs.

Dog Washing Gloves

Dog washing gloves are specifically designed to groom your dog as you wash their coats. These gloves have built-in grooves that comb your dog’s coat and gently scrub their skin simultaneously.

There are different dog bathing mitts for short-hair dogs and long-hair dogs. For dogs with short fur, find gloves that have smaller grooves. 

The dog washing gloves that are meant for long-hair dogs have longer pins. For easier grooming, find dog washing gloves that are double-sided or multipurpose.

Dog Grooming Accessories

Before bath time, consider using dog grooming accessories. Dog grooming accessories, such as dog grooming bath tubs and dog grooming tables can make your life and grooming your dog easier.

Pet washing stations or dog grooming bathtubs provide all the essential equipment and extras to make grooming your dog easier. 

Many dog grooming bath tubs have an adjustable shower head, comfortable straps to keep your dog steady and stable, and a draining system to keep your dog as clean as possible.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, having the right grooming tools is essential for every dog owner. These tools not only help maintain your furry friend’s appearance but also contribute to their overall health and well-being.

From regular brushing to proper nail care, the right grooming tools can make a significant difference in your dog’s comfort and hygiene.

The ten essential grooming tools discussed in this article provide a solid foundation for any dog owner.

A good-quality brush or comb helps prevent tangles and mats in your dog’s fur, while a shedding tool can effectively manage excessive shedding. Nail clippers and a styptic powder are crucial for maintaining proper nail length and preventing any accidents.

Additionally, ear cleansers, toothbrushes, and toothpaste contribute to your dog’s oral hygiene, while a grooming table or mat provides a comfortable and safe space for grooming sessions. And let’s not forget about shampoo and conditioner, which help keep your dog’s coat clean and healthy.

Investing in these grooming tools not only saves you money on professional grooming but also strengthens the bond between you and your beloved pet.

So, stock up on these essentials and enjoy the benefits of a well-groomed and happy pup!

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