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Anytime you are adding a pet to your family, you can expect to incur some costs. If you are planning on purchasing that pet, the price can range depending on the type of pet you are intending to buy. Designer dogs can come with a very high price tag, but why are Bernedoodles in particular so expensive, even compared to other purebred or designer dogs?

There are a lot of factors that figure into the price of a Bernedoodle, though the average price ranges from $3,000 to $5,000. That’s not to say that you can find a Bernedoodle cheaper, but on average you can expect to lay down a hefty sum to purchase your pooch. An example of a Bernedoodle breeder is Central Illinois Doodles who is charging $4,995 for a puppy.

Bernedoodle Puppy

Why Are Bernedoodles So Expensive?

Designer dogs, like the Bernedoodle, are growing in popularity, and It’s no surprise that they come with a hefty price tag with demand so high. Other factors affect the price associated with the Bernedoodle as well. A lot of work and time goes into breeding for certain traits as they do with designer dogs, and that price will be passed down to the client. 

But, what are the biggest factors that affect the price you’ll pay for your Bernedoodle? The color, size, generation, location, and breeder all affect the price you’ll pay for your Bernedoodle.

Much of the Bernedoodle cost comes from the difficulty in breeding them. In most cases, the mother is a Bernese Mountain dog and the father is a Poodle, of various sizes. Bernese Mountain dogs are not known for being very good mothers, and not all of the members of a litter will thrive at the same rate or condition. 


Bernedoodles tend to come in a multitude of colors, but certain colors cost more than others because they are rarer and more difficult to breed into a litter.

Black Bernedoodles are the most common, and therefore the cheapest.  The rarest are tricolored, brown, black, and white, which of course comes with a much steeper price.

Breeding for these particular traits is not as easy as just breeding the Mother and Father together. Finding a pair that routinely provides these traits takes time, and even then, they are not guaranteed. Many times, you will have multiple color groupings in a litter, so not all the puppies in a litter will have the same cost or be in the same demand.


Bernedoodles also come in various sizes, depending on the size of the Poodle used to breed the litter. Standard Bernedoodles, from standard poodles, are the biggest, and cheapest, of the sizes. The price increases as the sizes get smaller. The most expensive is the micro mini Bernedoodle.

Success rates of breeding are not guaranteed, therefore it is not a guarantee that a little will result or that they will be viable for sale for the characteristics that buyers are looking for.


The generation of the puppy is a very large factor in the price. The first generation, or F1, is the most expensive, resulting from a pair that is Bernese and Poodle. Because of this, they are more likely to express the dominant traits that buys are looking for in a puppy,

An F1b generation, a Bernedoodle matted with a Poodle, is in the midrange of price. Though they are Bernedoodles, they are likely to express more Poodle traits than Bernese.

A second-generation Bernedoodle is the least expensive. Resulting from the pairing of two Bernedoodles, these puppies have a higher chance of health issues and expressing more recessive traits than a First-Generation puppy.


The location you purchase your Bernedoodle from can also play into the price. If you are purchasing from a Breeder located in a high cost of living area, you are likely to pay more than in a lower cost of living area. If you choose to buy from a breeder that will have to ship your Bernedoodle to you, you are also going to incur the cost of that shipping, which can be steep.


Purchasing from a reputable breeder is the preferred method of obtaining your Bernedoodle, but it is important to realize that you are going to pay a higher price as well, though it is worth it for all of the work that a reputable breeder puts into ensuring that you are receiving a healthy puppy that has the traits that you are looking for.

Many breeders with a good reputation do much more than take care of the parents. It is more likely that the parent animals have been well taken care of and have a clear medical history. The owners will have also done many tests on the parent animals to ensure that they are free from genetic problems and many genetically inherited problems. This will go a long way in making sure that your bundles of joy are not going to inherit problems such as hip dysplasia, though it can never be full-proof.

The extent that a reputable and experienced breeder goes, to make sure that you are getting the healthiest puppy, with the best chance at a full and healthy life, makes the added costs of using such breeders well worth the money.


There are alternatives to purchasing from a breeder, though it may take longer to find the puppy or adult that you’re looking for. Many rescues specialize in finding homes for Bernedoodles, and other Doodle breeds. Adopting from these organizations may take a lengthy application and interview process, as well as a large price tag at times, but the satisfaction of getting the animal you want, and knowing that you have given them a second chance at a loving life makes the process worth it.

It is never a bad idea to keep an eye on your local animal shelters or humane societies. You may find a Bernedoodle, or other animals, that you can give a loving home to, and the adoption fees will be much lower from these organizations.

Many things dictate the price of a Bernedoodle, and there is no disputing that they are among the most expensive designer breeds available. It is important to know what you want from your puppy and to research your breeders carefully.

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