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Have you ever wondered whether your dog is sleeping comfortably enough? Well, we know everything about what a dog’s life is and can admit that a good dog bed is just as important for a pup’s well-being as it is for humans. 

Quite often we are faced with dogs owner’s concerns if a dog bed is really something worth buying. For some, it may seem like the last thing the pet needs is a specially designed bed. It can be hard to justify the expense of such an item when there are so many other things on the pet’s list of necessities like food, vet care, and toys.

But we stand firm and can provide plenty of reasons to splurge on this special piece. Investing in the right bed for your pup can make a world of difference when it comes to their quality of life. 

Nowadays, when dog beds come in many different styles and materials, picking the best one might seem like an overwhelming task. A first guess would be probably about getting the right size, but what else should you be looking for in a comfort dog bed

We did research and found out that modern dog beds have some essential features. 

  • They are environmentally friendly and often made with the same high-quality and natural materials, that you find in a luxury human mattress.
  • They are versatile and can be used not only inside the house but also outdoors. 
  • Whether your pup prefers orthopedic support, there are bean bag dog beds with internal elastic, that are very comfortable and recommended to XL and XXL breeds to lighten the weight of their long bodies. 
  • Some exceptional models can even provide relief from aches and pains in their joints, back or hips as they age. They also offer a sense of security from noise and uncomfortable surfaces.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the top characteristics of luxury beds for dogs to decide whether your fluffy need one or not. 

Luxury dog bed -The quality of pup’s sleep is essential for their health
The quality of pup’s sleep is essential for their health

The round shape of the bed

We’ve never thought that the shape of the bed can make a difference when it comes to the quality of a dog’s sleep. It is so common to put a square mat for the doggie, but is that the best solution? 

Some UK panel of dog experts recognize that pets prefer to sleep in circles. Observe your pet while sleeping and, most likely, you will confirm these either. 

That is because the shape of a dog’s body is different from that of humans and other animals. Their long bodies are often likened to a coil or a wave. This shape is unique even in the animal world and allows dogs to be very comfortable when they sleep curled up in a ball.

So sophisticated manufacturers mind these anatomy specifics and produce their most luxurious dog beds circular-shaped. Doggy’s maximum comfort is assured through this most natural form of a bed.

Dogs prefer to sleep in curls - dog beds
Dogs prefer to sleep in curls

Internal elastics 

While scrolling through goods for pets, we have seen every possible type of bed, from blankets to mats to bean bags. However, the most luxurious loungers we’ve found were those designed with an internal elastic system.

Similar to human’s soft furniture, your dog can sink into the mushy surface altogether, the body will be fully supported by the bed’s internal structure. The outer walls will allow your pet to feel safe and secured, falling deeply asleep.

Internal elastic helps large breeds dogs to distribute and healthily maintain the weight of their long bodes, providing the proper backing.  

Structured bean bags can also be healing if your dog is experiencing relief from pain, discomfort, or stress. They may aid when the doggie is swelling or prone to heatstroke, hip dysplasia, or several types of skin conditions. 

Luxury dog beds - Internal elastic can provide a suffering dog with a healing effect
Internal elastic can provide a suffering dog with a healing effect


Truly luxury pet loungers are cost-saving because they are multifunctional. Our most preferable models now are those, that can be used not only indoors, but outdoors either. If your dog prefers to sleep on the terrace, in a kennel, or on the balcony, but on a rainy or a cold day stay at home, you probably would want to save on buying one dog bed instead of two. And you can do so! We’ve found that there is a solution, that combines design and practicality! 

Have a look at Ambient Lounge® luxury dog beds, that have a durable waterproof base and furry covers. Put the cover on when inside and unzip it when taking the dog bed out under the open sky. We find this flexibility practically brilliant. 

Good indoor & outdoor dog beds bases are usually made of special resistant fabrics that can withstand different weather conditions. Some of them are soft nylon bonded with rubberized backing and can be cleaned and washed and even scrubbed. We could even find chew and claws resistant beds.

When used inside, a dog bed needs an appropriate cover with good air circulation. In order for pets to be comfortable, they need them dry in addition to being soft enough for their sensitive skins. Some materials that might work are wool, cotton, and thick faux furs.

We personally would go for cozy faux fur covers. Only imagine the dog at ease there inside, curled up and sink completely into cushy heaven to drift off asleep. We even feel a bit jealous of not having these royal conditions in our humans’ bedrooms.

We are certain that any pet will absolutely adore this Cloud 9 experience. To dispel a common misconception, faux fur covers are quite easy to take care of. They can either be machine-washed or vacuumed to provide the proper level of hygiene. 

luxury dog bed - Take your doggie to an outdoor adventure with the royal comfort
Take your doggie to an outdoor adventure with the royal comfort 

Bed sizes matching the breeds sizes

It is unquestionable that for us humans, there exists a huge variety of different sizes of mattresses. Why not this be fair for our pets? 

Large breed dogs such as Newfoundlands, Anatolian Shepherd, Siberian Husky, Landseer, Leonberger, or French Mastiffand should sleep on XL or even XXL size beds. Then there would get the deserved level of comfort. While for medium and small dogs such as Cockapoo, Jack Russell, French Bulldog, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Russian Toy, and similar size breeds you can find dog beds perfectly fitting their sizes, which will ensure a healthy sleep.   

dog bed size - modern luxury dog bed
Bed size should match dog size

A high-quality dog bed is a necessity 

As you can see now, the modern luxury dog bed is not a pointless waste of money, rather it is an item that can rocket the quality of life of your fluffy. Dogs are sensitive to the sort of surface they sleep on no less than we humans do. Hence, it is worth considering buying some superb beds and get rid of any outdated blankets, mats, pillows, or other items, not intended directly for a good nap.

Luxury dog beds can level up the doggie’s comfort by providing full-body support thanks to the internal structure. Outer walls that appear when a pet immerses into the bed soft surface helps to create a sense of security. Internal elastics may even ease some incidents of pain.

Excellent bags are multifunctional and can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

In other words — luxury dog beds are as practical for dog owners as they are comfortable for dogs themselves. 

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