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Some dogs are known to be able to run pretty fast, but can these dogs run faster than Usain Bolt, a man who has been clocked at more than 27 miles per hour, has won medals at the Olympics, and set several racing records.

Can a Dog run Faster than a Human?

In 2011 scientists in Belgium used lasers to measure precisely how fast Usain Bolt could run when he was in a one hundred meter race and reached a top speed of 27.33 miles per hour.

So, can any dog run faster than a human-like Bolt? The answer is yes, many dogs can run faster than that and we will talk about them in this article.

Is Usain Bolt faster than a dog?

So, is Usain faster than a dog? Sure, he is faster than some breeds of dogs, but this Jamaican sprinter, who is said to be the fastest human on Earth, can’t run faster than several well-known breeds of dog.

While Usain has won eight Olympic gold medals for the 100 and 200-yard dash races and is famous all over the world, he still can’t run as fast as the dogs we are going to discuss here.

Usain was in the 2008 Olympics, as well as in a World Championship event in 2007, and won fame in both events, but in 2021 Erriyon Knighton broke one of Usain’s running records for the world’s under 20 years old and under 18 year’s old. Bolt retired in 2017 from racing after getting hurt in a 4×400 relay event.

World’s Fastest Dog Breeds List That Can Run Faster and Their Average Speed:

  • Greyhound (45mph)
  • Saluki (43mph)
  • Vizsla (40mph)
  • Afghan hound (40mph)
  • Jack Russell terrier (38mph)
  • Scottish deerhound (38mph)
  • Borzoi (38mph)
  • Dalmatian (37mph)
  • Russian wolfhound(36 mph)
  • Whippet (35mph)
  • Doberman pinscher (32mph)

Top Fastest Dog Breeds in the World

Here is the full list of dogs who can run faster than the sprinting legend.

Jack Russell terrier (38mph)

The Jack Russell terrier has a top speed of 38 mph and is called the fastest, smallest breed of dog.

Jack Russell terrier running speed

They can mostly do this speed when they run over a short distance, and they were bred to hunt foxes.

These dogs are protective of their people and their territory but are also quite playful and great if you live an active type of lifestyle.

Scottish deerhound (38mph)

These dogs are between 30 and 32 and can get up to 110 pounds. Still yet, even at this size, they can run at speeds between 28 and 38 miles per hour.

Borzoi (38mph)

The Borzoi has a top speed of about 35 mph. They were bred as coursing and hunting dogs to chase foxes, rabbits, and wolves. These dogs have a sensitive personality, but make good pets for a family.

Dalmatian (37mph)

The Dalmatian can run at a top speed of 37 mph. Many people call them fireman’s dogs since they are often seen as the mascot of fire departments.

Dalmatian fastest dog breed (37mph)

They are alert, active, very energetic, and smart. They have a lot of muscles and were bred to protect their native country of Dalmatia.

However, they are also known to sometimes be clumsy due to their size. They are white with black spots and are a popular breed.

Russian wolfhound (36 mph)

These Russian wolfhounds can run at a top speed of 36 mph. They are considered to be a sighthound and were originally created to chase after wolves. In Russian their name actually means fast.

Whippet (35mph)

Whippets can run up to a top speed of 35 mph, and come from England.

They are related to Greyhounds but much smaller. They are another kind of sighthound, which means they hunt via their keen eyesight.

They are slower than Greyhounds, but still one of the fastest dog breeds. They are also good pets for a family.

Doberman Pinscher (32mph)

Doberman Pinscher Running Speed (32mph)

The Doberman pinscher can run a top speed of 32 mph and is used for guarding and protecting places. The breed was started in 1880 by a man called Karl Friedrich Louis.

They mostly reach their top speed over a short distance and are rated as one of the top guard dogs in the world.

Border collie (30mph)

Border collies can run at a Top Speed of 30 mph and are very smart and trainable. They were created to herd sheep. They require lots of exercises to be happy. They are also great at agility.

Siberian Husky / Alaskan Husky (30mph)

These dogs can run at a top speed of 30 mph and were created originally to pull sleds and their fur helps to keep them warm when they do so in places like Alaska. They have a lot of endurance.

They can run as much as a hundred miles in a day and not get tired, as they sustain speeds of ten to fifteen miles per hour, with bursts up to 30 mph. Every year you see hundreds of them in the famous Alaskan sled dog race called the Iditarod.

German Shepherd / Belgian Malinois (30mph)

These dogs can run a top speed of 30 mph, mostly in sprints. They are used widely by the military, are good guard dogs, and are said to be quite brave and loyal.

However, they can also do service jobs like a seeing-eye dog, etc. They are frequently used at airports to smell out drugs or other contraband.

Greyhound (45mph)

Greyhound  Fastest Dog Breed and Running speed (45mph)

The fastest running dog is the Greyhound, who can get up to 45 miles per hour. They are even put in races similar to horse racing.

Saluki (43mph)

Saluki Running Speed (43mph)

Salukis can run a top speed of 43 mph and were created to hunt jackals, foxes, hares, and gazelles. They have beautiful long hair and are a pretty good watchdog as well, but not great for protection itself. They are also sight hounds.

They are used in racing both in the Middle East as well as North Africa.

Vizsla (40mph)

Vizsla dog can run at a top speed of 40 mph. They come from Hungary, where their name means tracker. They are hunting dogs with lean and muscular bodies.

They are very energetic as well as gentle, so good for a family pet.

Afghan hound (40mph)

Afghan hounds can run at a top speed of 40 mph and are yet another sighthound breed. They are stubborn and so they are hard to train, but it is worth it if you can manage it.

If you have small pets you shouldn’t get one as they have a high prey instinct and will run after and injure or kill small animals due to their breeding to be a hunting dog.


Why are dogs faster than humans?

Why are dogs faster than humans you ask? It is because their bodies were bred to be fast and hunt or race for a living. Most people cannot run more than a few miles per hour, except for folks like Usain who could run about 27mph.

Are dogs faster than cats

Some people wonder, are dogs faster than cats? The answer is yes if you are talking about regular domestic cats, as most of these can only run at a top speed of about 30mph,

while many dog breeds can run faster than that. Of course, cheetahs can outrun most dogs, but they are a wild breed of cats.

What is the fastest dog breed?

When asked what is the fastest dog breed, it is the Greyhound, who can run up to 45 miles per hour, and are well-known as a racing dog.

Final Thoughts

All in all, there are several very fast runners in the dog world, and though Usain is the fastest human on Earth, many dogs can outrun him.

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