Hemp For Dogs – Healthy or Dangerous? Revealing All The Doubts

Everything you need to know about hemp for dogs. We have shared the best possible ideas about dog calming treats.

Popular doubts

You may have already heard of hemp supplements for dogs. However, this topic is controversial, and owners have a lot of doubts about whether it is legal and healthy. 

The doubts of pet owners are quite understandable. There is a wide variety of hemp-based supplements available for pets online and in some stores. But scientists do not have a lot of confirmed data to fully answer the basic questions regarding the effectiveness and safety of supplements for all breeds. Among other things, there are also uncertainties with cannabis legislation in different countries.

Nevertheless, all of this does not stop qualified and experienced veterinarians from providing answers to the most important questions regarding cannabis supplements for dogs. Do they really have such an effective and effective impact on animal health?

Is it possible to use hemp for good purposes?

Cannabis for medical purposes is becoming popular not only for humans but also for dogs. For those who don’t know, hemp is a type of plant called Cannabis Sativa, from which a narcotic substance (cannabis drug or marijuana) is produced.

It is important to note that although hemp supplements or preparations are made from the same plant as the drug, they have different chemical constituents and different effects.

It is the ignorance of this fact that makes many people doubt. Although there are already many examples where this plant is used and does not cause any harm. For example, hemp is used in many industries such as textiles, paper, and biodegradable materials. Our ancestors also used this tree to extract the fibre. Hemp, among other things, is also used in food products – juice, milk.

In the case of dogs, the health benefits of cannabis were discovered quite recently, just a few years ago. Nowadays, this issue is becoming more and more debated, with many doctors beginning to recommend cannabis supplements to dog owners.

The difference between medical hemp and marijuana

The Cannabis sativa plant is the only plant from which cannabinoids can be obtained. There are two main cannabinoids to be aware of, and the ratio is key. The first is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the second is cannabidiol (CBD). Most often they say that it is the THC component that has a psychotropic effect and predominates in narcotic substances.

Dogs contain endocannabinoids that react with cannabidiol to have a calming effect on the animal. The difference between cannabidiol oil and hemp oil is that the former is composed of highly inductive chemicals that treat anxiety, while hemp oil is used to treat ailments.

The benefits of hemp for dogs

Hemp supplements and hemp oil are considered safe for dogs. They contain the THC and CBD we mentioned, but in a negligible percentage, which does not cause a high effect in dogs. According to Vetalogica, hemp oil has the following effects on dogs:

  • reducing anxiety;
  • treatment of seizures, pain and arthritis;
  • increased appetite in the absence of it.

Hemp for dogs fully explained
Hemp Treats For Dogs – Ultimate Guide

Of course, with a huge selection on the market, dog owners still need to stay alert. This is why make sure the supplement contains less than 0.3% THC when purchasing. It is this percentage that is acceptable without side effects.

How to use cannabis supplements for dogs?

Most commonly, hemp-based pet supplements are sold as oil. You can also find gummy treats that contain this ingredient.

In the case of oil, the owners need to understand that the exact dose is needed, otherwise, there will be side effects. This is why most often hemp oil comes with a pipette that you can use to deliver an accurate dose.

Some owners spray their dogs’ food with oil. Veterinarians advise using a drip, as this will allow you to apply the oil under your tongue or cheek for the best effect. Hemp oil works best when it is not applied to the mouth or gums, as this is how it is absorbed best.

But as you might have guessed, the wounds of hemp-based medicines don’t end there. Dog owners can also purchase various capsules or chewable tablets.

If your pet refuses to take hemp-based food for some reason, then there are flavours that you can add to kill the unloved taste.

Is it legal to use cannabis?

This is probably the most controversial question of all on this topic. In countries around the world, hemp laws vary. Online retailers that sell cannabis supplements and other cannabis products may claim that their products are legal in countries whose legislation allows the use of the supplement at a certain percentage and with prescription drugs. Some countries have less strict cannabis legislation than others.

Even if your country allows the use of such supplements for medicinal purposes for dogs, unfortunately, there is no full guarantee that the ratio of THC to CBD is correct and will not harm your pet. This industry still does not have a clear regulatory body at the moment.

In any case, you should always be responsible and consult with a veterinarian. We do not advise you to use supplements without consulting your doctor. Only a specialist has accurate information about whether your dog needs to take such supplements.

Your doctor will likely advise you on alternative supplements if cannabis is not legalized in your country. If at the legal level you can purchase the medicines recommended for your pet, then be sure to check with the doctor about the company and where is the best place to order supplements.


The use of hemp-based supplements for medicinal purposes is becoming more and more popular not only with humans but also with pets. Indeed, such drugs have a positive effect, providing a calming and therapeutic effect.

However, since dosage and composition play a colossal role, you need to be extremely careful. Legislation and regulatory agencies are still not clear on this issue, but in some countries, such as the United States, many animals are already receiving such treatment.

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