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How to Get Your Dog to Howl

The simple ways on how to get your dog to howl ever! Howling is something that just comes naturally. This behavior they inherited from their ancestors.

Through howling, dogs express different patterns. You must know, no one wants their dog to howl out. Most of the time we want to work to prevent the vocalization of our dogs. We asked a few experts how we can make our dogs scream, and did some research and appeared today in some ways.

As you have seen many times, dogs usually howling for contact with other dogs. For example, a dog screams when a dog needs a companion. Many times when a puppy’s partner is separated, the dog howling loudly. Or when the dogs are in danger, they yell to other dogs for help. Then it can be said that howling produces a kind of bonding behavior and makes the dog happy.

There are several easiest ways to get your dog howl. Try to follow these effective tips in your own ways.

Why Do Dogs Howl?

There may be different reasons why dogs howl. So first we need to know these reasons.

Calling for communication.

You will notice many times, that your dog howl while you are away. The dog howls when you are not near a dog. You know that canines in the wild use howl as a way to communicate with other dogs or owners. This is one way to bring the lost dog back to their family.


Your beloved dog often howling out for being upset. Your dog is howling to catch your attention when it sits silently somewhere. If you pay close attention to it, the dog may find joy. And many times when you respond to your dog at his or her voice, the behavior will continue.


Another major reason for dogs to howl is when a dog howl when it receives a potentially threatening message. They can be heard from far away when they howling, so this law is used as a precaution. It seems to me that either way, this might be the only way to alert you for anything or anyone coming.

Responding to a Call

As you must know, dogs can easily hear distant sounds. The dog in your house can easily control the noise very easily when you don’t hear the necessary noise easily. In such words, the dogs howl. And his behavior changes. When a dog hears such a noise, they start to howl freely.

Friendship and Play

Dogs like friends or toys that people like. They howl when they get to their dear friend or who gets their favorite things. And this is considered a moment of fun for them. Do you ever hear the sound of multiple wolves or wild dogs at night? They howl together and have fun with friends.

Howling for Help

Dogs howling out loud when they are in danger. Many times dogs can howl because of pain. If you suspect that your dog is feeling unwell. However, it is best to take your puppy to the vet as soon as possible.

Sounds That Will Make Your Dog Howl

By reading the above you already know why your dog is howling. You can use the information above for your dog’s convenience. Now in the next step, we will learn how to train your dog to behave this way with commands.

However, as we have already discussed in this regard, some dogs naturally make such screams. But if your beloved dog crying is at risk. You have to moan in tune with him or accompany your dog.

How to Teach Your Dog to Howl

Let’s discuss how to teach your dog that can make howling using the mentioned simple tips.

1. Use Your Phone Music

Some dogs like music. They respond well to the melody of the music. For example, when your dog howling, you play music on your phone. This will make your dog howl to the music. Encourage your dog always when he makes howling at your music.

2. Sing/Howl Yourself

Try to sing or howl yourself in front of your dog. Your dog may howl when you get a good companion. Provide him treats when he howls. This will make the dog think of you as a friend and enjoy his beautiful moments.

3. Use Some Treats

Make your dog excited enough when he howling. But this is not the important thing. The important thing, in my opinion, is that you reward them. For one thing, appreciate the way the dog is behaving. So that the dog can understand when you are howling with him. Then your dog will be happy enough and enjoy your favorite moments.

4. Make Use of Sirens

You know the dog can make howling when he can listen to sirens. Use sirens if you can. You won’t stop when the siren closes. You can use also mobile to use a siren. You download a siren app and encourage your dog enough to hear the sound again and again.

5. Identify the Fixed Trigger

This is actually a complicated process. But it is a very useful step for getting your dog to howl. You place a video camera in your home so that the dog can be recorded with your camera. During your leisure time, watch the videos. Learn about why your dog howling and then you can easily train your dog on that subject.

How to Teach Your Dog to Howl

6. Don’t Punish Your Dog

Never punish your dog. Always give him treat and reward based on performance. You must be patient and provide positive behavior training that will surely help to make dogs howling. The more you try to teach, the sooner your dog will learn to howl. Howling can be a great way to spend your favorite moments with your dog. But you have to train your dog properly.

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