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Dog owners want the best for their furry friend, and that’s why they want to know how to take care of and moisturize their dog’s paws. Dogs’ paws have paw pads which are made up of a tough layer of pigmented skin that covers some fatty tissue.

The paw pads are also normally a black or pink color. Paw pads are supposed to protect your dog’s paws, but in some cases, their paws can still get damaged, crack or become dry if they are not kept moisturized.

Depending on where your dog spends their time or where you take them for walks, their paws could become damaged. For instance, dogs shouldn’t walk on hot pavement as that will damage their feet. If they only walk on grass their paws are likely smoother and would tear easier since they are not toughened up. And older dogs have more sensitive paws than younger pups.

how to moisturize dog paws
How to Properly Care for Your Dog’s Paw

Owners need to check their dogs’ paws regularly to see how they are faring. Be sure to look closely at the sides, as well as between their toes. You want to remove anything like rocks or grass or any kind of foreign object.  Look to see if the paws are swelled or discolored as well.

And if they are dry, owners have asked “How can I moisturize my dog’s paws naturally?

Firstly, daily wear and tear on a dog’s feet are common due to the fact of course they don’t normally wear shoes like people, so their feet are exposed to the elements constantly. But if you notice your pup’s paws are dry and cracked, there are things you can do to help them feel better.

If you want to stick to more natural things, then you can use things like coconut oil, vitamin E oil, shea butter, or even beeswax. There are also vet-approved balms for dogs’ feet. Prevention is a big deal if you want to avoid paw problems, so be sure to inspect your dog’s feet regularly.

When using those above things to moisturize your dog’s paws, shea butter can be rubbed into them and is a natural moisturizer, and Vitamin E can be found in cream form to help get rid of any blister or dry area. 

Beeswax is great because it locks in the moisture and heals chapped or blistered skin. And the vet recommended balms will stick well to the dog’s paw pads and act as a great preventative.

One ingredient not mentioned above is Vaseline, and some dog owners want to know

Is it ok to put Vaseline on my Dog’s Paws?

Vaseline can work in some cases as a protectant or to heal or relieve dry skin and keeps out bacteria and dirt. However, it is made from petroleum, so not good if your dog just licks it all off.

However, it can act as a laxative in larger amounts. Also, if they breath it in it can cause pneumonia. They could get diarrhea or vomit if they eat large amounts, so in that respect, it is bad to use it long-term.

Therefore, dog owners ask, “What can I put on my dog’s paws for dryness?

And to answer that I refer you to the beginning of this article for ideas on natural help for moisturizing your dogs’ paws.

In addition to those, other things you can do is prevent your dog from getting dehydrated by making sure they drink enough water, as dehydration can cause dry and cracked paw pads. Also, make sure they get enough omega fatty vitamins in their diet as they help to restore your pup’s natural body oils.

Other substances recommended for paw pad moisturization are CBD and hemp oil, olive oil, and making sure to wash your dog’s feet when they come into the house after being outside. Another thing you can do is have your dog wear special booties or shoes for dogs.

These are great in bad weather such as snow to protect a dog’s feet, as well as they protect well against hot pavement too. However, not all pups will like wearing them so you may have to ease into it and try them out gradually.

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Another item is Calendula extract, which is an herb with anti-inflammatory properties. It is made from the Calendula flower. You could possibly find it in a health food store on online for purchase.

So, when it comes to dog owners asking, “What is safe to use on dog’s paws?

there are several good answers to that question. It all depends on if you want to go the natural route or use medications or salves and ointments. 

Whatever you use on your dog’s feet, if you are worried about them licking it off, you could also put socks on your dog’s feet until the substance soaks into their feet. Then they can’t lick it off through the socks.

It is a good idea to talk to your veterinarian about your own situation and find out what is best for your pooch. All dogs are different and treatment or prevention could therefore vary a lot. It all depends on your dog’s daily environment and habits as well as where you take him on a regular basis.


The bottom line is a dog’s paw pads are meant to protect their feet from damage, so you need to make sure they stay moisturized, clean, and healthy. So, check your dog’s feet every day for any tears, foreign objects stuck it their toes, or any signs of infection. Then you can help prevent further issues by using some of the discussed ideas for keeping your pup’s feet moisturized and healthy.

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