How to Stop Dog From Excited Peeing – 5 Quick Easy Ways

How to Stop Dog From Excited Peeing

The ultimate guidelines about how to stop dog from excited peeing. It’s very important for your dog to help you greatly. Try to follow the easy ways to prevent it.

As you must know, puppies are commonly to urinate because they are not capable completely to control the bladder. Until they matured, keep reading to know how to stop a puppy from excited peeing. Let me tell you about my dog ​​to make this matter easier. The dog misses me very much when I’m out of the house. When I arrived, my dog ​​was extremely excited.

No matter how long I have been away, my little Gigi is so eager to see me that he picks himself up. He is enormous in my things. When we go for a walk around the house, she jumps in if she excited pees to my neighbor. Although it is still embarrassing.

I definitely needed to know that better. However, I know now enough. And I learned a lot about this. Now I have no problem. I think, if you have overly excited fur babies like me, you are wondering how you can prevent your puppy from excited peeing. We know dogs are usually older than this stage. This may actually be the most common cause for a one-year-old puppy to urinate. Because they do not have complete control over the bladder. But later on, it gets better. So you have to teach some good habits for your puppy.

How to stop dog excited peeing now

5 Easiest Ways to Stop Dog’s Urination When Excited

Expert Dog trainers suggest some best habits to grow in dog’s and teach them proficiently. We have mentioned these effective ways to follow regularly to stop submission urination when they’re excited. Please follow the tips strictly to handle peeing problems.

1. Keep Greetings Low-Key

Make sure your puppy is not overly excited while talking with him, kissing, and big hugs! You don’t mix with the dog that comes from outside. Because of these tasks, the dog is excited enough. You Need to Know generally, excited urination occurs during greetings. That’s why keeping the greeting low is important. In fact, trainers advise your fur baby not to be too keen until he settles down.

2. Ask Your Family Member to Do the Same Work

Your dog is definitely familiar with everyone in your family. Your dog gets enough education from your family members in your absence. Dogs generally like to mimic human moods. So the thing you teach your dog will be the right gift for you later. 

You can easily pass on favorite moments with your dog. So when you want to greet your excited dog, ignore it until your friends and family are down. After some time has passed, let them dress your pooch slowly. You always have to think about how to keep him calm. This will be your main mantra, and accordingly, you will have to plan all the plans.

3. Don’t Punish Your Dog

When we enjoy the best times with our dogs, the dogs make some small mistakes. We often punish the dog for that which can be very dangerous. Your dog can urinate excitedly. So do not punish your beloved dog for some reason. 

Teach them one thing over and over again. Because many times they cannot control themselves. According to dog experts, they are simply unable to control themselves.

On the flip-side, it is important not to encourage the excreted urine. If you notice that your dog is out of excitement and you continue to kiss your dog it can be quite arousing. He always is about to associate the unwanted action with positive.

How to Stop Dog From Excited Peeing

4. Health check

We know that every animal has health problems and many animals become infected when they are older. It is important for your dog to have a health check regularly. They usually need to be examined for 6-7 months in a row. This will allow you to learn about your dog’s health problems and take action properly. This behavior can usually be prolonged in puberty, even though it increases by age six or seven months.

5. Professional Behavior Training

Effective positive dog behavior training is very important to stop excited peeing. You have to concentrate on positive and reward basis training methods. Positive behavior training and reward systems surely help to manage some dog common behavior problems such as excited peeing, unwanted barking, jumping on guests, excessive licking, digging up the yard, and so on. 

These guidelines will surely help to stop excited urination and handle all behavior problems efficiently by giving treat and reward based on performances. I think the mentioned above tips will be easy to teach your dog perfectly. So whenever you have free time, teach the dog something new.

How to Stop Dog From Excited Peeing
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