Tips Recommended By International Vet to Improve Your Dog Health

Who does not want their pet dog to stay in the best health? Considering this wish of the pet owners, international vets have shortlisted care tips, especially for people getting the pet for the first time. Many people assume pet care is expensive, but following the below-mentioned care tips, you can do it on a budget.

Follow the tips below to give your dog a healthy life.

Give them High-Quality Diet

A mixture of a good diet and supplements is essential to maintain the pet’s good health. It helps in strengthening their immune system and also helps in developing their brain health. Experts like IVS Pet provide additional supplements for pets that help to keep their muscles and joints healthy.

The height, age, and activity level of the dog depend on their diet. So, make sure to buy the food approved by the Association of American Feed Control. These foods are complete and balanced for the dogs. Also, the experts recommend not to give your pet raw food. They cause harm to their health.

Get the Vaccination

Just like any other animal, the vaccine is essential for your dog’s health. When the dog reaches the age of three months, the protective anti-biotic in the body naturally reduces, so they will need as many vaccinations as possible to avoid infections. 

With the help of vaccinations, your pet can prevent fatal health problems like parvo or rabies. The veterinarian suggests the following tips when it comes to the vaccination schedule,

  • Puppies should get the first shot in early six weeks and then after every three weeks until they are sixteen weeks old.
  • Adult dogs need to be vaccinated every one to three years, based on their health condition.

Visit the Vet Frequently

Regular visits to doctors are essential to maintain the health of your dog. Getting annual checkups ensures that your dog does not have any disease or infections that can be fatal in the future. During these checkups, the vet asks about the dog’s behavior, eating habits, and other activities. They will also check the dog’s vital signs to ensure the heart function is normal.

At these appointments, they will also recommend some dietary changes for the dog. The one dietary staple that every doctor recommends is fish oil for pets. These omega-3 supplements are a great way to provide care for the dog they deserve. Make sure to find a low-cost pet clinic close to the local pet market. This way, you can find the best vet without having to spend big amounts on checkups.

Don’t Forget the Pet Insurance 

Many people don’t realize the importance of getting dog health insurance. In case of emergency illness or accidents, you may have to spend somewhere around $800-$1500. It can be a big blow to your budget. If you get pet insurance, these expenses will be included in them, saving you thousands of dollars.

Along with this, pet insurance also helps to cover the prescribed medicines and long-term health problems costs.

Dog Medical Emergency Guide created by Figo Pet Insurance.

Always Have a Pet First Aid Kit

As a responsible pet owner, you must have a first aid kit prepared to tackle any emergency. It is essential, especially when you like to take your dog hiking or camping. The dog owner must have this DIY kit to help the dog when there is no medical professional around. The kit must include dog bath wipes.

Walk the Dog Regularly

Taking your pet for a regular walk is essential. It helps in several ways, including the prevention of multiple health problems. It helps them to burn excessive fat and maintains a healthier weight. It also has a positive impact on their mental health and keeps them happy.

These tips from international vets can contribute greatly to dog health. It keeps them happy and healthy.

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