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If you love animals then likely you have owned either a dog or a cat at some point in your life. But is it possible to own both at the same time and not have any problems or worse the dog kills the cats?

Well inquiring minds want to know if there are any guard dogs that are good with cats. The answer is some dogs are friendly to cats, and some are questionable.

This article will cover the breed of dogs said to be both good and bad with cats. However, no matter what is put out in this article, all dogs are different and have different personalities. So, a dog must have great socialization to live with cats.

The things to look for in guard dogs that are good with cats are the dog’s energy level, prey drive, and if they were raised as puppies around cats to name a few requirements.

Certain breeds are meant to be more companion based while others are not. For instance, experts say breeds like a Pug, Maltese, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, or a Cavalier Spaniel are great family pets, so might be good with cats.

Guard dog breeds that are good with cats

20 Guard Dogs That Are Good with Cats

Here are mentioned most popular dog breeds for first time cat owners:

1. Beagles 

Beagles are a generally relaxed breed of dog, so they like to be friendly and sociable. Cats might even be able to help calm one down since Beagles can be hyper at times and a friend would help settle them down.

2. Pugs

As mentioned earlier, pugs are known to be raised as a companion dog. They are small, so great for a cat to play with, plus they are known to be adaptable and are not usually aggressive.

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

As mentioned before these dogs may be good with cats. For one thing, they are small and are usually friendly, affectionate, and loving. They are usually sweet personality wise and so may be good to have with a cat.

5. Basset Hounds

Bassets are usually a pretty calm breed and don’t move around very fast, plus they are calm and normally accept other pets in the household. However, the dog needs to be well trained and socialized since they are known to be very stubborn.

6. Border Terriers

Terriers are not usually a good breed to have with a cat, but this kind of terrier can be the exception. They are not normally aggressive and if socialized and trained they are normally okay with cats.

7. Collies

Collies are known to be mellow, as well as gentle when it comes to small children. So, that extends to cats too. As long as they have proper training and socialization, they are ok with cats.

They were bred to help care for animals like sheep, so that could extend to being good with cats.

8. Golden Retrievers

This is known to be a very popular dog breed and they are normally very gentle. In fact, they have been seen protecting small animals like cats or kittens.

They are also very adaptable, with sweet personalities.

9. Shetland Sheepdogs 

These are very smart dogs, mind their owners well, and are very trainable. They are usually great and don’t mind being in the same household as a cat. Just make sure they are well trained and socialized.

10. Boston Terriers 

Most of the time this breed will be ok with a cat in the house. They are known to be loving and make great family pets. Plus they are small enough to play well with cats.

At times they may chase a cat, but normally it is done to play but be careful and make sure to train them well.

11. Malteses

These are small, so closer to a cat’s size. They will likely want to sleep with your cat and are very calm and loving.

They are considered to be low maintenance and tend to ignore other pets in the house. Your cat could end up their best friend.

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12. Newfoundlands 

Though these dogs are very large, they are said to be gentle and loving to both small children as well as other kinds of pets like cats.

They like to sleep and don’t have a lot of energy. They are also known to be peaceful and loyal.

13. Bulldogs 

Some bulldogs might intimidate a cat, but most have a good, nice personality. So likely they could make friends with cats.

They are also patient and not normally aggressive. They can be great pets for a family with both kids and cats.

14. Corgis

These dogs are popular and are good for families with kids, so normally are also a good choice for someone who has a cat.

They are easy to train, so that helps. Plus they adapt well. However, they do like to bard, so that could be annoying.

15. Labrador Retrievers

As mentioned earlier, this breed can be good with cats since they are gentle with kids, obedient, and very loyal and playful.

They tend to love most people they meet. They are also very smart. They will be good with a cat under most circumstances.

16. Poodles 

There are 3 kinds of poodles, toy, miniature, and standard, with each being larger than the previous.

They are very smart and easy to train. The two smaller sizes are the best choice to have if you have a cat.

They have in some cases become great friends and play with each other well.

17. Pomeranians 

These are also small dogs, and some are even smaller than a cat. So, they love to lay on your lap and won’t intimidate your cat. So, if you train them and socialize them well they will be a good choice if you own cats.

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18. Papillons

These are another small breed of dog that is ok with cats in part due to them being around the same size as some cats. They are fun loving and likely to befriend a cat. They are also curious and good natured.

19. Rottweilers 

While they are seemingly opposite, it may be possible to teach a Rottie to be friends with your cat. They have to be properly acclimated in order for this to work out, so be careful, as it could go either way in some cases.

But they aren’t known to have a high prey drive, so if trained right they will be an ok choice with cats.

20. Akitas

Some Akitas could be ok with your cat, but some may not. If raised together as babies, it might work. However, they do have a high prey drive, so may not be a good first choice.

20 Worst Dog Breeds for Cats Owners

worst dog breeds for cats

These are the top 20 worst dog breeds for cats:

1. American Pit Bull Terriers 

American Pit Bull Terriers are strong dogs with a high prey drive, so might chase or injure cats or even kill them, so it is best to not put them together under most circumstances.

2. Scottish Deerhounds 

Scottish Deerhounds are hunting dogs that by their name were used for deer hunting. So, they too have a high prey instinct and will likely chase cats.

They might not want to hurt them, but their instinct could take over and they may do so.

3. Greyhounds 

Greyhounds are the fastest of all dog breeds, so they love to chase small animals like cats. They would be quite dangerous to a cat and likely not a good idea to mix the two unless it is a puppy and a kitten.

4. Samoyeds 

Samoyeds also like to chase small animals, so they would likely go after a cat and have been known to kill cats. So, don’t mix the two together.

5. Bedlington Terriers

Bedlington Terriers are a watchdog breed. They don’t like any other animal in their territory and tend to chase or injury animals like cats. They are also aggressive to even other dogs too.

6. Weimaraners

Weimaraners are also hunting dogs with a high prey instinct. They were trained for hunting small animals and a cat is just about the right size for that instinct to kick in. You might be able to socialize one but only if raised together as babies.

8. Shih Tzus

Shih Tzus are small so the danger with them and cats is they can fit into any hiding area cats might try to get away from them and go to. They also tend to be jealous and could take it out on a cat in the home.

9. Schnauzers 

Schnauzers are also small but can be aggressive. They like to chase things like rabbits so they will likely also chase cats. If you want to keep them together you must socialize them quite well or get them together as babies.

10. Irish Wolfhounds 

Irish Wolfhounds are huge, more than 150 pounds, plus they can run very fast. So they tend to run after prey and chase other animals, therefore it is not a good idea to mix them with cats in the household.

11. Australian Cattle Dogs

Australian Cattle Dogs are of a medium size with tons of energy and can run very fast. Plus they are herding dogs and try to herd other animals. Plus unless socialized early they will tend to be aggressive.

12. Jack Russell Terrier 

Jack Russell Terriers are small and tend to have tons of energy as well. Plus they too like to chase things and are known to trap cats and hound them until they can get to them and do damage, so unless socialized quite well it is not a good idea to mix them with cats.

13. Yorkshire Terrier 

Yorkshire Terriers are also small, noisy and like to run. They are known to chase after small animals like a cat. Cats also don’t like barking dogs, so unless socialized early it is not a good idea to mix them together.

14. Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are medium in size and are very similar to a pit bull with its high prey drive and they also tend to be medium-sized muscular dogs similar to a Pit Bull.

It’s friendly and protective of its owners, but it has a strong prey drive that will have it chasing after small animals.

Early socialization can help your pets cohabitate, but the dog is still likely to chase the cat on occasion.

15. Siberian Huskies 

Siberian Huskies are another breed with a high prey drive and tend to love to go after small animals like cats. Older ones could even think of the cat as food and try to kill it. So, unless you get them as babies it is not a good idea to mix them.

16. Afghan Hounds 

Afghan Hounds can run very fast and have a high prey drive. They love chasing small animals, including cats. This makes them a high danger for cats so it is not a good idea to mix them.

17. Manchester Terriers

Manchester Terriers were bred to go after rats so they like to chase other animals. It is in their genes to do this, so it is not a good idea to keep them around something like a cat, as it could tend to think of the cat as its prey and harm or kill it.

18. Schipperkes 

Schipperkes are rowdy and love to run and chase other animals. They tend to stress cats out with their barking too. And their small size makes it so they could get into a cat’s hiding space as well. So, you should not mix them with cats.

19. Smooth Fox Terriers

Smooth Fox Terriers are small yet fast and speedy. They love chasing small animals like cats. Even a puppy is likely to chase other animals due to its breeding, so it’s likely not a good idea to mix them with a cat or other small pets. Plus they can jump high and get to a cat trying to get away from them.

20. Pharaoh Hounds 

Pharaoh hounds are often very stubborn and are hard to train due to this fact. They also like to chase other animals like cats. They can run very fast and since they are also fairly large in size, they could hurt a cat quite badly. So, they are considered dangerous to have around cats or other small pets.


What is the best dog for first-time owners with cats?

Some recommend the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as they are meant to be a very affectionate and loving breed of dog. They usually like everyone, to include cats. Still, you should socialize them.

Are guard dogs good family pets?

When it comes to guard dogs and good family pets, you have to consider the personality of the animal. Plus they need to be well trained and well socialized.

Some are very protective and one person dogs and those are not likely good for families with kids.

Better to pick a breed that is known to be loyal to the whole family. Some recommend dogs like a German Shepherd or Rottweiler. Talk to a dog expert and then make up your mind.

Which guard dog is friendly?

When it comes to which guard dog is friendly, it all depends on how they are socialized and trained. Any dog, whether it is a guard dog or not, can be either friendly or aggressive.

What is the most loyal protective dog?

When it comes to what is the most loyal protective dog, any dog can fit that bill depending on its training. Dogs like German Shepherds are known to be loyal, as well as Labradors and Golden Retrievers to name a few possibilities.

If you love both guard dogs and cats, why not bring them together?

So, if you love both guard dogs and cats, why not bring them together you ask? Well, as shown in this article, not all of these dogs are good with cats and some may even kill a cat.

So, consider the breed prior to owning both a dog and a cat together and choose wisely.

Can we have a cat and a dog in our household, or are they truly mortal enemies?

Some people ask, can we have a cat and a dog in our household or are they truly mortal enemies? As stated many times in this article, it depends on both the breed, if it has a high prey instinct, and if it is well trained and well socialized.



When you want to introduce a dog and a cat to one another, you have to be good at detecting body language of both. Plus some dogs have high prey instincts and never should be near cats.

If the cat has its ears back and is hissing, then of course you can tell they don’t like the dog.

It is important to get puppies and kittens together when babies, that is the best way for introducing dogs and cats to each other.

It can be done at an older age, but it doesn’t always work out well, and the cat is usually the loser and can be killed.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is possible for dogs and cats to be happy together as long as you have a well-trained and well-socialized dog, and it is best to get them together as puppies and kittens for the best results.

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