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The ultimate guide about how I know if my dog has fleas. You must be aware of dog fleas and detect the simple signs to get rid of it at home naturally.

Fleas are a type of common extraneous parasite that can severely harm a dog. Fleas breed in dogs and slowly the dog can be taken down. So, of course, you need to know how to tell if the dog has fleas or just dry skin. If you do not treat your dog to get rid of this parasite, chronic infections will not only weaken your dog but may also cause serious flagellate disease as a result of infection.

Therefore, immediate treatment is needed to get rid of the fleas. In today’s article, we will talk about dog parasites. Some time ago my dog was infected with a parasite like fleas. I could not easily identify them.  I talked to a dog specialist. He saw my dog and identified the dog’s parasite. He shared some simple methods of detecting flea parasites. Today I will tell you some simple methods on how to check easily for your dog’s fleas at home.

Symptoms of Dog Flea Parasites

To keep your dog healthy, you must be aware of your dog’s health. And if the parasite resides in the body of the dog, then the dog’s health will decline day by day. Let’s take a look at some of the signs of detecting parasites in a dog’s body.

1. Itching and Scratching in Your Dog Body

We know that parasites are usually harmful to animals. Flea’s parasite resides in the body of a parasitic dog and survives by eating blood from the dog’s body. When they bite into a dog’s skin, it causes itching or allergies. Even excessive bites can cause nervousness and restlessness. Note that there may be additional scratches on the dog’s body. As a result, the dog’s body may appear diseased or weak.

2. Red Pimples or Bumps Can Be Seen

If your dog has a parasite in the body, you may notice a rash on the dog’s stomach, under the feet, or at the base of the leg and the neck of the dog. Because dogs can easily scratch in areas. And itching causes scratches. Their skin is itching which can cause rash or skin disease. The disease will continue to grow until the disease is treated. Fleas can be transmitted from one dog’s body to another. In other words, it develops very quickly and rapid development can cause serious harm to a dog’s body.

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How Do I Know If My Dog Has Fleas & What Does it Look Like?

By now, you know how to detect your dog’s parasitic disease. Now you need to know what the parasites in dogs look like. Fleas bodies are flat. They are like ordinary insects. It is reddish-brown or black. These are usually 1 – 2.5 mm. They usually do not have wings. They have 5 feet, big and small. And the upper part of the body is black. These animals can be located in different places on the dog’s body.

They can also penetrate the dog’s teeth and inside the mouth. Many times they cannot be seen with the naked eye. Their bodies can easily penetrate the fur. Such parasites are more likely to breed on uncleansed dogs. However, you may notice parasites in your dog’s body shortly after a bath.. Therefore, the goal is to keep the dog clean.

How Do I Know If My Dog Has Fleas
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How to Check Your Dog For Fleas

When cleaning your dog regularly, try to brush their entire body. If there is suspicion that a parasite has spread to the dog’s body, make sure to look to see if there are any parasites in the body.

  • Optical Check:  Adult parasites are easily seen with the naked eye. However, you must look well at the dog’s stomach, back, and neck. Try using a comb.
  • Comb: Parasites are located in the dog’s fur most of the time. So you can use a comb with fine teeth. You can find these combs at the local pet store. Do not apply too much pressure when combing fur. It can cause bleeding.  
  • Lay it on paper: You place the dog on a piece of paper. Lightly penetrate his body. It will drop parasites from the body. You can see that the parasites have bred on their body.

What Should You Do If The Parasite Stays in The Dog’s Body?

If you do find fleas on your dog’s body, take your dog to the vet. They have the best treatments to rid your dog of fleas.

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