Dog Strong Relationship (Complete Guideline): 15 Proven Ways To Bond With Your Dog

Dogs are family. According to a survey carried by Rover, 94% of American dog owners consider their dog’s family which can only emphasize a strong bond between dog and their owners.

if you own a dog and you are wondering how to bond with your dog then we suggest you read on to find expert-approved tips from all over the internet on how to have a stronger relationship with your dog.

A. How To Bond With Your Dog?

The love you share with your dog is the reason why your dog is loyal and loving. That joyful greeting frenzy is an expression of your dog’s love for you. That love can grow even more to form a strong bond, however, this bond totally depends on how you treat your dog and whether you can understand your dog or not.

the following relationship hacks can help you have a stronger bond with your dog and facilitate the process for you, even if your dog is shy or difficult to deal with kind.

1. The Bond Starts From Day 1

Dogs are smart animals, they learn quickly and have a strong memory that’s why you need to work on your relationship with your dog from day one. Try to establish a father-son like a relationship with your dog from the beginning, teach him who’s the boss but also show him love and respect.

how to bond with your dog

2. It’s All About Behavior

Your relationship with your dog depends greatly on his behavior that’s why you need to always pay attention to his behavior and correct it when necessary, this way your dog will always have a set of boundaries that he won’t cross and will give you no reason to fear him or grow tired of his bad behaviors in the future.

3. Training Can make Or Break Your Bond With Your Dog

Don’t be harsh on your dog, especially a young one. Unlike humans, dogs learn how to behave, therefore you need to give your dog time so he can learn what you’re trying to teach him and avoided punishing him, in fact, you shouldn’t yell or punish a dog no matter what he did, try to reinforce positive behavior and reward him with treats and belly rubs when he does well but don’t punish negative one as it will only make your dog fear you.

how to bond with your new dog- dog training

If you find it difficult to rain your dog, you can ask the help of a professional dog trainer, they can handle any dog breed, even the tough ones. A professional dog trainer will also teach you how to live with a dog which is a confusing thing if you have no prior experience, especially in terms of what you should feed your dog.

4. Who’s a Good Boy?

Dogs love praises. Simple praise like “who’s a good boy” can help you bond tighter and your dog will relax and feel more comfortable with you. Make sure you praise your dog as often as you can, it doesn’t have to be an over the top comment, just a simple good job or that’s a good pup will do the trick.

There are countless opportunities to praise your dog throughout the day like when he waits patiently for you to fill his water bowl, or for not barking at a passing car …etc. Praise will let your dog know that you appreciate his good behavior and will encourage him to keep doing so.

5. Play With Your Dog

There’s more than a reason for why you should play with your dog. If you have a barking dog that you want to keep quiet, you should tire him out, however, tiring a dog is not the only reason for playing with a dog. Playing with your dog will help grow a stronger bond between you two, after all, it’s what dogs do in the wild, it symbols intimacy and love for dogs. Check out details here on how to make a dog top barking. 

Dogs love to use their brains, try to play games that encourage your dog to think, if you don’t know any, fetch is always a good idea.

The goal behind playing games with your dog is to get him to love you and appreciate the time you guys spend together, that’s why also need to be committed to the game as much as your dog, it’s two sides thing.

6. Learn Your Dog’s Body Language

Dogs are active animals, they don’t stop talking, you just don’t seem to notice. Dogs talk through barking and also via their body language. Your dog will head to you for support when he is anxious, afraid, or nervous, and not picking up on that will hinder your bond with your dog. Body language includes the tail movement, position of the ears, their eyes, and even their body’s general posture.

7. Don’t Be Too Strict

Don’t interfere with every decision concerning your dog, allow him some freedom and let your dog pick what he likes sometimes, for instance, what food he can eat, what toys he wants, what leach or collar you’re buying and your dog will love you more.

In addition, try to not restrict your dog’s movement when you guys are taking a walk or visiting a friend. Allow your dog to wonder sometimes and let him sniff and play, it will impact your relationship greatly.

Allowing your dog the freedom to choose is like giving him a voice, you will hear his appreciation and love grow more and more.

8. Be Patient With Your Dog

Dogs need time to learn. It’s true that they are smart and can pick up on things quickly but sometimes your dog needs time to learn new commands or understand new boundaries. Furthermore, Don’t be frustrated with him for making mistakes, be patient, and trust the process.

9. Feed Your Dog Yourself

Nothing screams love than feeding others and dogs are no different. Try to be more involved with feeding your dog. You can feed him his favorite treat from your own hand. Other healthy fruits or vegetables can be a good treat to reward your dog for doing something positive like greeting a friend or not barking at the neighbors’ dog.

10. Get Physical With Your Dog

how to bond with your dog

Touch your dog often, play with him, shower him, and try to be as physical as you can it can strengthen your bond, and dogs love it also. Dogs used to be pack animals, and fighting or playing is how they show their love for each other. If your dog gets physical with you, it means that you’re a loved member of the pack.

11. Call Him By His Name

your dog recognizes his name more than you think. Dogs like to be called by their names, it gives them a sense of recognition by their owner, so next time you call out for your dog, opt for “roger” instead of just “come here”. You should call your dog by his name since day 1, this way your dog will have a sense of identity which will give your commands a more intimate feel and not just commands.

12. Be Intimate With Your Dog

treat your dog like a son, not like an animal. Love him and show him that you love him. Let your dog sleep in your bed from time to time can improve your bond with your dog. Also, take him on car rides or anywhere else than the usual park, dogs are creatures of habit, and going somewhere new will make them love you even more, especially if they love the place or the thing you do.

13. Train With Your Dog

You can grow your bond with your dog by training together, you can do several activities together like jogging, running, doing field events, even participate in competitions. Such physical activities can make you and your dog closer and strengthen your relationship. Make sure to pick up something both you and your dog enjoy and stick to a schedule, this day your dog will be hyped on the day. 

14. Avoid What Your Dog Hates

Just like you, your dog loves things and hates others. You should learn what your dog hates and avoid it in order to not drive your dog away from you. You should especially avoid ending your dog foods he hates and instead, buy him his favorite food and snacks. 

B. Signs Of Weak Dog Bond

The following signs mean that you have a weak bond with your dog and that you should work to make it stronger:

  • Doesn’t respond to commands
  • Treats you like any other family member
  • Attempts to run off repeatedly 
  • lack of focus and eye contact
  • Aggressiveness
  • Lethargy
How to bond with your dog

These were some tips on how to bond with your dog and how to have a stronger relationship. Remember, not all dogs are the same, your dog might need more or less work, but these dog bonding tips should help you anyway. 

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