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One problem a lot of dog owners have is they can’t seem to stop their dogs from chewing on themselves. Here are some of the questions they are asking and trying to find the best solution about dog chewing behaviors.

Dogs are considered as a human’s best friend, and many people enjoy having them as pets and companions, plus many dogs are trained to help humans in law enforcement, to help disabled people, etc. 

So, dog owners and trainers all want to make sure their dogs are healthy and happy.

How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Chewing on Himself?

It can be quite irritating to see your pet chewing on themselves, as well as worrying. That’s because it means something is wrong with your furry friend.

Home Remedy to Stop Dogs From Chewing on Themselves

Even though it is normal for a dog to chew or scratch themselves, it isn’t normal if they do it all the time. If your dog is doing this, then it could be caused by many things, to include:


Dogs can be allergic to things just like a person can. They could be allergic to their food or have seasonal allergies like people do to things like grass or pollen. Symptoms of allergies include more than just chewing on themselves.

It also could cause sneezing, wheezing, coughing, runny nose, itchy eyes, etc. A skin allergy is likely the most common. You need to talk to your veterinarian so they can run tests to see how to help your dog overcome their allergies, and help them to stop chewing themselves.

Dry Skin:

A dog could also be chewing themselves due to dry skin. If you see flakes of dandruff all over your pet, then dry skin is the culprit. There are a lot of things that can cause dry skin.

It could go back to allergies as stated earlier, however, it could also be that the weather is making your dog’s skin dry. If so, you can make sure your pooch gets omega 3 oils in their food such as putting some of the products like fish oil made for dogs onto their food.

However, talk to your veterinarian prior to adding anything to your pet’s meals or rubbing anything on their skin.

Skin Infections:

Your dog could also have a skin infection due to a fungus or bacteria. One such infection is called pyoderma, which is infected hair follicles. It can be caused by something getting into a dog’s skin via a wound.


Your dog could have parasites causing the chewing like fleas or ticks! Fleas are quite small, but if you look closely at your dog’s fur you likely will see these little black things jumping around.

If so, it’s time to go to the veterinarian and get special flea medications or shampoos that are safe to use on the dog. Be wary of buying over the counter stuff as it may harm your pet.

Ticks also make dogs chew themselves. They suck the dog’s blood and can make them sick, so be sure to check the dog over after a walk, as they also cause disease. Ticks must be removed carefully so talk to your vet.  

Boredom, Stress, or Anxiety:

Believe it or not, dogs can get stressed, bored, or be anxious for many reasons. If they chew it actually releases some endorphins, which are feel good hormones in the brain. So if the dog has these issues he may chew to relieve them.


The same goes for pain, as dogs may chew themselves in an area of the body where it hurts in order to release those feel good hormones.

Anal Gland Problems:

Dogs’ anal glands can get clogged up and that makes the dog chew themselves to relieve it. If your dog is scooting around on their rear or biting and chewing their butt, then check their anal glands.

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Why is My Dog Chewing Himself Raw?

There are so many reasons for a dog chewing themselves raw. A lot of those reasons were covered previously, but likely the main issue is skin problems or an infestation of fleas. It is a good idea to regularly check your pet over for injuries, skin lesions, or parasite infestation.

There is even the chance they are allergic to their current food and need to start eating a different kind of dog food. Your vet can help you determine which issue is causing the problem.

Why Does My Dog Keep Biting His Back end?

The likely culprit for a dog biting and chewing their back end is probably an anal gland issue. These glands are located on a dog’s rear and can become impacted or even infected. At times they need to be drained, and your vet is the best choice for this or they can teach you how to do it.

You should also check the dog’s butt for any broken skin or possible injury, as they could be chewing due to pain from an infection and need antibiotics to clear it up.

Why is My Dog Chewing on His Leg?

If your dog is always chewing on their legs, then likely something is wrong there. Check the dog over carefully for wounds or skin lesions on their legs. Also, look closely between the hairs on their legs for things like fleas or ticks.


The bottom line is a lot of reasons can cause your dog to chew themselves. These can be both medical or environmental. So, the first thing to do is schedule a doctor appointment for your pet.

The vet will check the dog over and make sure there are no skin problems, parasites, etc. They may prescribe medications or if they suspect a food allergy they may prescribe different types of dog food to try.

So, if your dog is always chewing themselves and you want to know how to stop it, follow the above suggestions so your dog can be healthy and happy once more.

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