25 Stupid Things Dogs Hate and You Must Stop Doing These

Dogs are one of the most lovable and adorable creatures on the planet! No doubt However, they are also extremely conscious and tend to understand human behavior, and do not appreciate being hurt, harassed, or taken advantage of.

Dogs have their own set of ‘unwritten rules to which we should abide.

25 Things Dogs Hate That Humans Do:

25 Things Dogs Hate That Humans Do


1. Punishing Your Dog For Doing Something It Doesn’t Understand

All dogs are different and they have been bred to carry out a particular behavior. Dogs will not stop doing what they learn to do, even if you punish them for it.

They need to explore, train, and practice their new behavior. Punishing your dog for doing something it doesn’t understand or that it dislikes is not going to make it change its behavior, instead, it will only make your dog fear you and be less willing to trust you.

This will harm your relationship and may lead to serious behavioral problems.

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2. Using A Choke Chain or Any Other Type Of Prong Collar

Dogs are hunters and their instinct tells them to bite the neck of their prey. In the past, dogs were trained with this method using a prong collar.

However, nowadays it is widely known that this type of training is extremely harmful to your dog.

It causes pain and discomfort in their throats, as well as damaging their tracheas, salivary glands, and muscles.

3. Never Allowing Your Dog To Explore

Dogs are explorers by nature, and they will be drawn to anything new or exciting, especially when they’re puppies.

However, most of the time dogs are not allowed to explore freely because their owners are afraid that they will get hurt or lost or because it is simply too dangerous to let them out on their own.

Keeping a dog inside all of the time is extremely harmful to its physical and emotional health.

4. Keeping Your Dog On A Leash All The Time

Dogs are extremely social animals and prefer to spend most of their time with other dogs or people. They need to be able to interact and enjoy their surroundings freely.

Walking on a leash all the time will make your dog feel as if it is being restrained, which can be detrimental to its health.

Even if you’re only taking your dog for a short walk, keep it off the leash as much as possible so it can satisfy its need for exploration, exercise, and socialization.

5. Screaming At or Yelling At Your Dog

Your dog feels helpless against your anger and is unable to defend itself or make you stop hurting it. This is why it will most likely run away from you, become fearful, or even aggressive towards you.

This can be very harmful to your relationship and can lead to serious behavioral problems. If you’re angry or frustrated, take a deep breath and then calmly approach your dog, speak in a soothing tone and spend time socializing with your dog.

6. Ignoring Your Dog When It Is Crying Out Of Frustration

Dogs communicate in a variety of ways; they can howl, bark, whine, or howl to get attention. When they do this they are not trying to annoy you, but are simply trying to communicate.

If you ignore your dog’s cry for help, it will become frustrated and eventually stop communicating with you altogether, which can be detrimental to your relationship.

7. Picking Your Dog Up When It Is In Pain

If your dog is injured or in pain, it may be tempted to bite you during the process of being lifted. Never try to lift your dog when it is in pain or distress.

Instead, try distracting it with something else and then ask a veterinarian or a professional dog handler to help you out, or try using a muzzle to prevent your dog from biting you while you treat it.

8. Using Your Furry Friend As A Tobacco Or Alcohol Ashtray

Your dog will definitely not appreciate being used as an ashtray, and it is extremely harmful to its health.

Dogs rely on their sense of smell to detect things around them, so smoking has a major impact on their olfactory glands and can cause lung cancer or other respiratory problems.

On the other hand, alcohol can inhibit the dog’s nervous system and cause serious damage to its internal organs.

9. Not Enough Daily Exercise

Dogs need daily physical exercise in order to stay in good shape. Do not let your dog just lounge around the house for longer than you need to.

You should be taking your dog for at least a 30-minute long walk each day, and giving it enough playtime outdoors or inside on a daily basis.

This will help it keep its body healthy, and will also reduce the risk of unwanted behavior problems such as separation anxiety or aggression, as well as obesity.

10. Confining Your Dog To A Small Cage Or Kennel

Dogs are hunting animals, and they need a lot of space to run around, explore, and exercise. Confining them to small cages or kennels for most of their lives is extremely harmful to their physical and emotional health.

Dogs will be extremely unhappy, stressed, frustrated, and anxious if all they get is a small space with nothing to do all day but sit around. It will also increase the risk of behavioral problems such as depression or anxiety disorders.

11. Hitting Your Dog On The Head

No matter how mad you get at your dog, you should never ever hit it. Hitting your dog will only make it fearful and afraid of you, as well as lead to behavioral problems.

Your dog will be less confident around you and may become aggressive or defensive towards you, which can be devastating to your relationship.

12. Ignoring Your Dog’s Natural Territorial Instincts

Dogs are territorial animals, and their instinct is to mark territory. They will bark, howl, and dig up things in order to let other animals know that they own the area and are the alpha of that land.

This is why your dog needs to feel like it is able to keep an eye on its property at all times and be able to defend its territory if needed.

13. Telling Them To ‘SHUSH’!

Dogs don’t speak English. They make noises for a reason. If your dog is barking, whining, growling, etc., then pay attention. Your dog is trying to tell you something.

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Shushing is only going to frustrate your dog more, as shushing can be translated as a negative thing rather than a command. Instead, try to find out what your dog is trying to say, and resolve the issue together, rather than trying to put a stop to it.

14. Hiding Your Dog Treats

Do not deprive your dog of all of his treats! Make sure that he has a stash of them hidden in a different location.

Nothing, absolutely nothing can make a dog happier than finding something very special to him under the couch or in a shoe box, or wherever you choose.

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15. Providing A Small Amount Of Food

There is nothing worse than a hungry dog. That is why you should always, always leave your dog his entire food serving at once.

Dogs should never be allowed to run out of food to the point where they are actually hungry. This can lead to behavioral problems such as food guard and/or aggression, and cause health problems as well.

16. Using The Wrong Stimulation Methods When Training A Dog

Even if you are trying to teach your dog a new behavior, you should use the right kind of reinforcement to get the desired result.

Using pain-based methods such as shock collars can be extremely dangerous for your dog, and seriously damage their relationship with you.

It teaches them that it is okay for them to bite or lunge at people, which can lead to serious behavioral problems in the future.

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17. Ignoring Your Dog’s Natural Needs

Dogs are pack animals and they will feel lonely, stressed, and unhappy if left alone all of the time. They need to be around their family on a regular basis.

It’s especially important for puppies to stay close to their mother and siblings, this way they learn how to behave in the company of other people.

If you spend all the time at work or your dog has no one to play with, get a friend for it or look into training classes for it.

18. Never Allowing Your Dog To Drink Enough Water

Most people don’t drink enough water on any given day and this is very bad for their health. Dogs need to drink an appropriate amount of water as well, otherwise, they could develop serious health problems including kidney and liver issues.

Make sure that you always provide your dog with a bowl of fresh water, and if it gets thirsty make sure to offer it some more.

19. Over-feeding Your Dog

All too often, owners make the mistake of over-feeding their dogs. You should feed your dog healthy amounts of food according to its specific weight, age, and activity levels. It’s also important to remember that dogs are not humans.

They can tolerate higher levels of fat, salt, and sugar than we can because of their physiology. If you’re going to feed your dog human food, you need to carefully consider what is best for it and how it will affect them.

20. Forcing Your Dog To Eat

If your dog refuses to eat, it is important that you don’t force it to. This will only make your dog hate meal times and could become the reason for long-term health problems.

If your dog doesn’t want to eat, try and change its diet or its feeding schedule, but never force it, as this could lead to a painful bite.

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21. Touching their private parts

A recent study revealed that 80% of dog owners will pet their canine companion’s genitals, but dogs don’t always appreciate having their private parts touched, and they may react with various forms of aggression, ranging from barking to biting.

If a pet’s genitals are touched, the dog may feel just as violated and angry as a human would if someone was to touch her private parts without permission.

22. Bathing them whenever you feel like it

Dogs have a very sensitive olfactory system and enjoy the smell of their fur. They much prefer to keep themselves clean rather than having us scrub them down like they’re babies; cleaning just once or twice a week is enough.

Bathing them too frequently will irritate their skin, causing their fur to become brittle and break off, leaving them susceptible to infections and illness, and ultimately, less attractive.

23. Feeding them from the table

Dogs are not gluttons. Feeding them from the dinner table can develop an unhealthy habit that will stick with them for life — even when you’re not around to nag them about it!

They will come to expect it after a while, and may even go as far as barking and whining if they aren’t given a seat beside you during dinner.

24. Carrying them around by the tail

Dogs have an extremely sensitive tails. When we carry them around by their tails, they feel as though they are being crushed and in a lot of pain, a feeling that is absolutely unacceptable to them.

With their sensitive tail and back, it can lead to a build-up of fluids, causing the bottom part of their bodies to become very sore and painful

25. Punishing them with a stick

Striking a dog with a stick is certainly not the most pleasant punishment in the world, and dogs are definitely not going to prefer it to other methods of correction.

Dogs are quite intelligent and will, in time, understand which behavior is acceptable and which isn’t, provided you give them the proper guidance from the beginning.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, dog owners should avoid doing 25 things that dogs hate. Some of these items include leaving them in the car when it’s hot outside, walking on their back legs, touching their fur, and playing with them while they’re sleeping.

Checked the all hateful things so far? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!

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