Do Dogs Get Tired of Barking? (How To Stop Crazy Barking)

If you own a dog then you likely have had to put up with barking from time to time. While some dogs only bark once in a while to warn their owners or for other things, many dogs bark all the time and drive their owners nuts. So, many people wonder “Do dogs get tired of barking?”

Here’s a few facts to consider about that statement:

Is it best to ignore a barking dog?

Some dog owners wonder and ask, “Is it best to ignore a barking dog?” They just try to pay no attention and think if they just ignore the dog it is bound to stop barking, right? Well, not in all cases. Things can actually be very complicated as to why the dog barks.

Do dogs get tired of barking ( how to stop excessive dog barking)

Is it barking for attention? Is he hungry or thirsty? In pain? If he is barking for the heck of it then maybe it would be rewarding him, so ignoring could help. But if not, then you need to find the reason he is barking and help fix it.

For instance, if the dog likes to bark just to go outside or be let back in, it’s fine if you can teach them to just bark once or twice to get your attention, but if they bark and don’t stop no matter if you give them what they want, then it’s time to only do it if they ask the way you want (i.e. one or two woofs) or teach them to ask in another way.

Will my dog stop barking if I ignore him?

Another question asked is “Will my dog stop barking if I ignore him?” 

This all is dependent on the reason the dog is barking.

If he is doing it because he knows if he barks long enough you will give him whatever he wants, then if you stop doing so if it is not something he actually needs.

For instance, if he barks just to go outside and you know he only wants out to go chase the neighbor’s cat then of course you can’t let him out. So if you ignore him and don’t give him the reward of being let out he might stop eventually.

But in some cases, you shouldn’t ignore the dog in the first place! He could be telling you something is wrong outside like a burglar or he could be hungry or in pain. You have to at least check up on your dog to see if it is a legitimate reason.

So, if he’s doing it for attention, then try ignoring them and do not even speak to the dog, look at it, or anything. When and if he finally stops, THEN you can say, “good boy” and give a treat.

It may eventually get him to stop barking for no reason. So don’t reward pointless barking like just wanting to be let in and out over and over, but do reward barking if he is warning you of an intruder.

Will a dog eventually stop barking?

Another issue that dog owners face is the question, “Will a dog eventually stop barking?”

The truth is in some cases he will eventually stop and in other cases, he may not for a very long time.

Are you willing to wait? That could be the issue. Plus if your neighbors are complaining then you need to face the issue and find the underlying reason for the barking and fix that issue.

Dogs bark for either physical or environmental issues. So if he is barking due to pain or hunger or he is truly hurt or senses danger, it is likely he won’t want to stop barking until you face that issue and fix it.  But if it is just for attention and you ignore him long enough, he may stop in time.

It could depend on the dog’s age as puppies are more likely to bark all the time than an older dog since they have not yet been trained to do what you want and be a good doggy citizen in the home. You may need to teach them some obedience training to help settle them down.

How long can a dog bark before it gets tired?

Many dog owners also wonder “how long can a dog bark before it gets tired?”

It surely feels like your pup can bark forever when he is driving you and the neighbors crazy and won’t stop.

However, it all depends on a dog’s size, why he is barking, and how loud it is as to when he’ll get tired and stop. Also, some dog breeds are more inclined to bark than others, so do your homework prior to getting a dog in the first place.

Can a dog hurt himself barking?             

And finally, another top question is “can a dog hurt himself barking?”

The answer to that is yes, they can. If a dog barks long enough they are bound to get hoarse or even get laryngitis and injure their vocal chords or larynx.

How to stop dog excessive barking

They would have to bark for a long time and do so in a very high pitched fashion in most cases, but it can occur.

All in all, you should talk to your veterinarian if you have a problem with a barking dog. It is a good idea to first get them a total checkup and see if the barking is caused by a medical problem.


After all, they could be sick or injured and you don’t want your furry friend to suffer. Barking is the only way they can talk to you and tell you about it.

Plus a well-trained pup is less likely to bark for no good reason, so be sure to get your pup into obedience training early on and you and he both will be happier. 

So, these are some of the solutions for having a dog that barks a lot, be sure to check them out and see if they fit your situation.                   

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