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When someone gets a new puppy, one of the first things they want to know is how to calm down a puppy at night. It seems puppies get all crazy at nighttime and you want to go to bed, but the puppy has other ideas and wants to play, etc.

A lot of owners have this problem of how to calm a puppy at night, so we are going to give you a few examples of ways to do that now.

Here are some reasons your puppy isn’t calm at night as well as how to calm a puppy down for bed.

How to Calm a Puppy Down at Night

  • The puppy does not have a Daily Routine
  • The puppy doesn’t have Enough Exercise
  • The puppy is Overtired
  • Puppies need a bedtime routine
  • Stop playing an hour prior to the pup’s bedtime
  • Take Away Food and Water about an Hour prior to Bedtime
  • Try crate training
  • Make your puppy a nice, cozy sleep area
  • Help your pup relax via doggie friendly smells and/or sounds
 How to calm a puppy down at night

Why Is My Puppy Hyper at Night

Firstly, you wonder why Is my puppy do hyper at night. Here are a few hints and tips:

1. The Puppy does not have a Daily Routine

Puppies do best whenever they have a certain routine, especially at night. It can help them feel less anxious and know when they should play, eat and of course, mostly important for this article, when to calm down and go to sleep.

2. The puppy doesn’t have Enough Exercise

A puppy needs to get lots of sleep since their body is still growing. But while awake they usually have tons of energy and you need to make sure to get them the exercise they need to thrive and be healthy.

Make sure you have enough toys and interaction with your puppy. Plus you need to exercise his mind too by doing things like providing treat puzzles, or other brain games designed for a puppy’s curiosity.

3. The Puppy is Overtired

It may sound weird, but sometimes if a puppy gets hyper it is due to not having good exercise, but sometimes it means he had too much stimulation and can’t calm down. That means he is overtired. Just like a human toddler, the puppy might not recognize he is tired and won’t want to sleep. So you must show him when it’s time to play and time to sleep and not get overly crazy at playtime.

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4. Puppies need a Bedtime Routine

It is vital for a puppy to understand when it’s bedtime and have a good bedtime routine. Then he knows when to play and when to sleep and your life will be much easier.

For instance, you could relax for at least an hour before you want him to sleep, maybe just relaxing on the couch with you while watching TV.

Then, right before bedtime, take the puppy out to go to the bathroom. Soon he will understand that these things mean it’s time to sleep.

5. Stop Playing an hour prior to the Pup’s Bedtime

As stated earlier, you should try to stop playing about an hour prior to wanting the pup to go to sleep. Otherwise, he may get hyper and act up. Try to do quiet, soothing things like relaxing, cuddles, or a massage.

5. Make sure the pup has something to chew on or lick

Chewing and licking can soothe a pup and help him to relax. It releases the good hormone known as serotonin. Plus pups teeth a lot so it will make him feel better. Be sure whatever you give him is a safe chew toy made especially for pups. Never give things like real bones or other unsafe items.

6. Take Away Food and Water about an Hour prior to Bedtime

After the last meals of the day, and the last potty break, take away the food and water for the night. This will lessen the chances of having to take him out to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

This is part of keeping him calmer at bedtime. However, if it is a very young pup he still may need to go pee at least once during the night.

7. Try crate Training to calm down your Puppy

Many people swear by crate training, in which you put the puppy in a crate at bedtime. If you get the puppy to think the crate is like his den, he will be happy to go in and will associate it with sleeping and being more calm.

It also helps with potty training since most dogs won’t pee or poop where they sleep unless they just can’t hold it at all.

8. Make your Puppy a nice, cozy Sleep area

As stated earlier, sometimes a crate works well for a sleeping area. If you don’t want to put the pup in a crate, then you have to arrange somewhere else nice and cozy for his bed.

You can buy a special made doggie bed and put perhaps an old t-shirt with your scent on it for him for comfort. Once he knows this is where he sleeps, eventually it will be a good sleep routine to help him be calm at night.

9. Help your pup relax via doggie friendly smells and/or sounds

Puppies can sometimes be calmed via listening to doggie friendly sounds or smelling calming things. There is actually a Dog Tv channel with doggie things on it, or some music streaming companies feature dog songs and even special playlists for pups.

These were created to calm them down so they are more likely to want to relax and sleep or at least cuddle with you or take a short nap.

Reasons For Canine Restlessness

A lot of owners also ask what are the reasons for canine restlessness. As stated earlier, a lot of these are things like not enough playtime or exercise or not enough interaction with you. After all, a pup is a living being and not a toy just to pay attention to when you feel like it.

Or he could be restless because he needs to go to the bathroom, so if you see him wandering around, doing circles, whining, etc. try taking him outside to pee or poop. Or he could be in pain, so be sure to watch for anything that could have injured your pet like limping, rubbing, licking, etc.

How to Get a Puppy to Sleep Through the Night

When it comes to knowing how to get a puppy to sleep through the night, we have already covered a lot of suggestions.

These include things like massage, relaxing cuddles, giving him enough exercise to tire him out, or even playing doggie friendly music from special services online. Or he could be anxious due to pain or hunger or need to go to the potty.

Plus, if you have the bedtime as well as the daytime routines we have already covered, these too will help your pup be more inclined to sleep through the night.


Why is my puppy so hyper at night?

As stated earlier, there are several reasons a puppy is hyper at night. These include not getting enough exercise, even getting too much stimulation, or being anxious due to fear, pain, hunger, or needing to go pee or poop. So watch for these clues and also be sure to play with him and form a good day and night routine.

How to calm a restless dog at night?

There are several ways to calm a restless dog at night. We covered most, and they include massage, cuddling, having a good bedtime routine, and playing dog friendly music.

How to calm a puppy down from biting?

This is a very serious thing that should be nipped in the bud from day one. You should make sure he has an appropriate thing to chew on like a dog toy for one thing.

Also, if he bites or nips, stop playing immediately and in a firm voice, say something like “No bite. No Bite.” Don’t scare him or hit him as this will only make him scared of you.

How to calm a puppy down when hyper?

As stated earlier, dogs can be hyper for many reasons. You need to have a good bedtime routine, as well as exercise and playtime. Plus you need to make sure your pup is not anxious due to pain, fear, etc. Treat him gently and calmly and your puppy should react accordingly.

Why is my puppy restless at night all of a sudden?

It could be he has hurt himself or is scared of something. Or maybe he has to go to the bathroom or there was a break in his normal routine. Be sure to carefully watch for signs he is suffering from one of these things and fix it accordingly.

How to make your dog fall asleep instantly?

While there is no magical cure there are things you can try to make your dog fall asleep fast. This could include massages, cuddles, singing to him, and making him feel secure. If he is fed, watered, and has gone potty and you have played with him, he should be tired enough to fall asleep instantly as pups need a lot of rest.

Why does my dog think bedtime is playtime?

This is because dogs in the wild are nocturnal and instinct tells them it is time to be active. But if you develop a good night routine he will start to associate night with sleep and the problem should subside.

Should I leave my puppy to cry at night?

This depends on the reason for crying. You need to check to see if he is hurt or needs to go pee or poop. He could be lonely if it is the first time he has been away from mom or siblings. Try things like putting a stuffed toy in with him or a windup alarm clock that ticks and sounds like a heartbeat.

How long does it take for a puppy to stop whining at night? 

Most of the time after you get a new puppy, he will stop whining at night after one or two weeks. This is because he will be used to his new home and routines. But you should always check on him to see if he is not hurt or otherwise legitimately whining.

How do I stop my puppy from waking me up in the middle of the night?

Some of the ways are to keep him in the bedroom with you (but in his own crate) as being near someone makes him know he is not alone. Also, be sure you have taken him to pee or poop prior to bed (or if very young take him out during the night), and check to see if he is hurt or has a real reason.

Final Thoughts

All in all, having a puppy is a joy as they are fun, cute, and loveable. Be sure to follow the above hints and tips and you should have a joyful time with your new pet.

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